Bloed, Zweet & Tranen

In 2014 I’ve worked on Bloed, Zweet & Tranen. A biopic about the late Dutch folksinger André Hazes. The story covers three significant periods from his turbulent life. Going from the 60s as a little boy to the 80s at the peak of his succes until the day of his death in 2004. For a three month period I recreated several props ranging from recreating old, out of use logos, newspaper articles, posters, signage to recreating album covers.

Album Covers

Bloed, Zweet & Tranen

Bloed, Zweet & TranenMost of the things I had to do were pretty straight forward since it was based on existing material. For example the André Hazes album covers where I had to replace the singer with the actor for consistency. Occasionally this turned out to be somewhat of a challenge because everything had to stay recognisable even if it was just for the fans. Most of the times I had to get my references from the almighty internet, which didn’t always had the desirable high quality images with astounding accurate colors suitable for duplication.

Andre Hazes - Voor Jou
Andre Hazes - Samen
Andre Hazes - Met Liefde
Andre Hazes - Live in Concert
Andre Hazes - Met Heel Mijn Hart
Andre Hazes - Hazes Nu

I had to do the same for a Muddy Waters album. Here you see the design flattened out showing it’s frontside on the right. And you know you did a good job when the filmcrew misstook it for a genuine Muddy Waters album cover. But admittedly some good photos (made by the D.O.P.) also helps a lot.


Newspaper Articles

During a montage we see André Hazes’ proud mother collecting several newspaper articles and glueing them in a big scrapbook. For this I had to write fake articles and fitted them in real ’60s newspapers between the real articles so she could cut them out.



Sometimes things can’t get anymore straight forward than duplicating out of use 1980s logos.


Skills: Movie Props
Client: Bloed, Zweet & Tranen