De Overgave

This Dutch answer to the overwhelming popularity of Fifty Shade Of Gray unfortunately got some devastating reviews.
But despite having a 1.3 rating on I still had fun creating some of the props.




Two of the pieces I had to make were tabloid articles, which turned out a bit trickier than I thought. Because I couldn’t just make up and print two entire new tabloids with a few dozens of pages, I only was able to make a cover and two articles. And there came the challenges. First I had to experience the embarrassment of buying tabloid magazines for reference and as a holder for the fake articles. Second challenge was finding paper on which I had to print to match the magazine’s. Tabloids are usually printed on very thin paper. And to use regular paper it would immediately stand out from the rest of the pages and won’t look genuine. After some testing I finally found the right, though slightly thicker paper. I also couldn’t find sheets large enough for a spread and in the end had to cut and paste smaller sheets together and put the whole damn thing into the existing magazines. Hope you can’t tell from the result.

overgave-2 overgave-3


Skills: Movie Props
Client: De Overgave