Here we follow a man named John. Living with his beautiful wife in his beautiful house. John is a clerk.
And he is building a robot.



Despite the film being only 14 minutes or so long, it needed quite a lot of props. It also had a very stylised look that was primarily based on the Bauhaus aesthetic. Very clean and very functional. Most of the props I made were just there to fill up the space like office stationary, spreadsheets, labels, signage and, of course, a deck of cards. But one of the fun things I had to make was the cover of a Wired style magazine about female robots aptly named Robowoman. Coming up with the cover items was a nice fun imagining what the future could bring.



Another prominent prop design was a large technical drawing of the robot. Actually several. Some where drawings of individual components. I had a relative short time to layout all the details which meant I had to simplify a few things here and there. But at the same time giving the impression that it was a piece of very sophisticated machinery.


Skills: Movie Props
Client: Robotics